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Every month I look forward to the summary of monthly  Bread Baking Day . This event created 4 years ago by Zorra for lovers of homemade bread is for me a monthly appointment. Every month, we learn something new, discover new breads and blogs, so nice and tasty.


This month, I am in charge of the round up and I am absolutely delighted by all the tasty breads for a picnic that have been arriving throughout the month in my mailbox.

I was surprised by the variety of breads and modes ofproductionways of preparing them.There are breads for everyone! Breads with short and long fermentation, using sourdough or yeast, filled or flavoured, sweet or savory It is impossible not to find the perfect bread for everyone!

I am very glad because this month, some of the recipes come from people who had never participated before and decided to contribute this month for the first time :o)

I was also very excited because people from across the world participated even though outside temperatures are not the most suitable for a picnic.

And I am very happy to offer in the round up some specific gluten-free breads for people with celiac disease. I am sure that my cousin will be so glad with them! 

The round up is split in 3 parts:
* Sourdough Breads

 * Yeast Breads

* Gluten-free breads

I am eager to share with you the summary of the BBD, so enjoy it!

Thank you all for participating! You are great home-bread makers!



BBD # 42

Let’s bake bread for a picnic!

Sourdough Breads



From her blog Y sigo en la cocina, Silvia (Barcelona, Spain), in love with her sourdough and home-made bread, shares with us a wonderful Rustic Bread with ciabatta flour, a rustic flour, perfect to spread.



Heather (Indiana, USA) from her blog Girlichef offers a delicious and tasty Spicy Kalamata Sourdough Loaf, a wonderful bread using Kalamata olives and rye flour.



For their first participation to BBD#42, Yolanda and Javi (Barcelona, Spain) from their blog El balcón verde dedicated to how to grow a garden in a balcony, have chosen an incredible Mediterranean bread with olive oil, thyme and olives and… sourdough! Well done for a first time ;o)


Pan relleno para un picnic (44)

Of course, from my blog Come Conmigo El Blog de Palmira, I made Buns of spelt flour filled with meat and vegetables for a healthy and tasty snack, perfect to share for a picnic.


Yeast Breads



Olga (Madrid, Spain) from her blog Cocinando con Kisa brings us a delightful Cheddar and fried onion Bread, perfect for a picnic. 



Heidi (Mönchengladbach, Germany) fron her blog Gaumenkitzler explains us the secret of Poaca, small buns filled with feta cheese, very inventive and nice.



If you want to learn how to make wonderful sandwich bread, go to Erika’s (Buenos Aires, Argentina), La Ventolera and you will discover the secrets of Sandwich Bread and hot sandwiches



Miquel (Catalunya, Spain) on his blog Les receptes del Miquel shares a wonderful and crusty Fried Onion Bread, with a combination of spelt and plain flour.



From her blog Cocinando con sencillez, Joselín (Venezuela) brings us delicious Pesto Buns, just perfect to go on a picnic with their little flavour of basil. 



From her holidays, Judy (California, USA) fron Judy’s Gross Eat sends us some perfect home-made hamburgers buns, which square shape is just great! 



From her Hefe und mehr, Stefanie (Engelskirchen, Germany) sends us a sweet recipe, Pudding Bretels, just perfect for a little bit of sweet on a picnic. It is the first time I see that kind of bread!



Another sweet recipe comes from Marhya’s (Palencia, Spain) hoven and her blog , En Mil Batallas. I’m sure she knows of muhc I love nuts and dried fruits. So here you are wonderful small buns filled with dried apricots and pistachios, with their wonderful mushroom shape. 



Lien (The Netherlands) from her blog Notitie van Lien defines what is a picnic bread and shares an incredibly tasty Pesto, tomato and Pine Bread.  




Manuela (Sao Paolo, Brasil) from her blog Cravo e Canela – Uma Cozinha no Brasil shares a delightful recipe of Chorizo and Olive Bread, just looking at the picture you can smell how good it is. 



From My discovery of bread,her blog totally dedicated to home-made bread, Connie (Chiang Mai, Thailand) sends us incredible Gibassier Pomelo, some sweet buns with candied pomelo inside and inspired on a Provence recipe, with some olive oil… just incredible, I would like to try them right now :o)



Lisa (Austria) from her blog Lisa´s Kochfieber invites us to prepare a wonderful Spicy Bananabread, with a little bit of honey and a lot of… banana!!! Just perfect after a long walk!



On his blog fab · food · blog, Fabrice (Brussels, Belgium) shares some wonderful buns with grilled vegetables and aromatic herbs, with a lovely shape and some parmiggiano cheese, just perfect to eat outside home.



 From her blog ¡Sano y de Rechupete!, Laube (Las Palmas, Spain) brings us a crown-shaped bread with olive pesto, tasty and healthy, just perfec to spread with some tomato and olive oil.



Cathy (Atlanta, USA) shares on her blog Bread Experience an incredibly inventive Red Wine and Cheese Bread with Spelt, made with spelt flour and rye flour, cheddar cheese, perfect to eat with fruit and so many other things.



From her fantastic blog Con las Zarpas en la Masa, Paula (Zaragoza, Spain) sends us a tempting Nutella Bread, so tasty and good-looking. The cut is so beautiful and you just need your hands to cut the bread, on a picnic, on the beach… I am pretty sure everyone will find where to eat this bread ;o)



Curry Leaf (Bangalore, India) from her blog Tasty Curry Leaf sends us an incredibly Tutti Frutti Bread, sweet and colored, perfect for a snack.

Cynthia fron her blog CindyStar sends us a great Picnic Cheesecake filled with cheese.


And last but not least, from her blog 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf, Zorra (Andalucía, Spain), who had the marvellous idea of creating that monthly mmeting, shares her recipe of Pita Pockets, just perfect to be filled with your favourite ingredients, stain-prooved ;o) 

Gluten-free Breads


From her blog Las sin gluten, Pao (Málaga, Spain), sends us a delicious Bread filled with Butter and Nuts, spongy and… gluten-free!!! 



From her blog Las Recetas de Glutoniana, Miss Mònica Glutoniana (Tarragona, Spain) make our mouth water with a tasty and wonderful Almond Bread, gluten-free, with an inventive mix of almond flour and buckwheat flour.



Sònia (Terrassa, Spain) from her blog Sin gluten es más rico share the secrets for perfect and tasty and easy gluten-free buns. She also used an inventive home-made flour mix using potato starch, corn starch and rice flour.


Judy from Judy’s Gross Eats is hosting next month’s BBD#43. Please go and see the theme and start baking for the next BBD!


Thanks a lot for participating and enjoy your holidays!


So now I pick up the suitcases and I go on holidays!!!

cerrado bis



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  • Gluten Free Foods, 20 de septiembre de 2012 Responder

    Many foods contain gluten, even foods that one might not think would contain the ingredient, such as salad dressing and licorice. This can make finding
    gluten-free foods, including gluten-free burgers, a challenge. When
    choosing gluten free products, consumers should be careful and read ingredients.

    • Palmira, 20 de septiembre de 2012 Responder

      Taht's the main problem with gluten... Many ingredients that naturally don't contain gluten at all may be contaminated and so many other surprising ingredients where you find gluten as a total

      Reading carefully is the only option ;o(


  • cinzia, 08 de agosto de 2011 Responder

    hi palmira,

    suppose it has been an email error but I can't see my entry:

    will send you my email again, great recap and let's picnic together!

    • Palmira, 07 de septiembre de 2011 Responder

      Hi Cynthia!

      I've put the link of your recipe in the round ups but I cannot pick up your picture. Could you please resend it to me ?

      Thanks for participating to BBD!


  • Heather @girlichef, 02 de agosto de 2011 Responder

    So many delicious breads...I just want to find the hugest picnic basket possible, pack them up, and spend the day trying every single one. Thank you for hosting and for the wonderful roundup!

    • Palmira, 02 de agosto de 2011 Responder

      So just call me the day you find that big picnic basket and I'll come with you!!!

      Many wonderful breads, I would like to try a bit of each ;o)


  • zorra, 02 de agosto de 2011 Responder

    Thank you Palmira for this wonderful roundup and of course a big thank you to all the participants, too!

    • Palmira, 02 de agosto de 2011 Responder

      Thanks for letting me hosting. I enjoyed a lot! So next time you need someone, just ask ;o)

      Now I just have to find enough days during my holidays to make all the breads ;o)